The Content Revolution

Life-long learning is imperative in Academic Medicine. Experts and professionals within the healthcare sector have the continuous task of remaining current in their field of endeavor. Therefore many hospitals, research facilities and medical institutions organize conferences, events and other large congresses to share knowledge, best practices and learn from each other.

For the industry as a whole, a very limited amount of the content being generated is captured and utilized for additional purposes or even as enduring educational material. This represents a significant lost value for academia in an era where content is currently experiencing a revolution.


  • Content Capture Solutions

    At the center of the Hendrik "Content Capture" solution is a software-based Multimedia Video Portal (MVP) designed expressly for the healthcare industry to capture, archive and maximize the value of content.

  • Content Distribution

    We provide our clients with a unique approach to market development transforming the interaction with medical communities both locally & globally - driving capabilities awareness & brand recognition.

  • Virtual Communities

    Through the use of the Hendrik platform our clients are able to create an engaged medical community network both domestically and internationally based around its own content experts.